Google Milestone 2

Well, the last post on this blog was about Motorola Mobility event and that I've got the Motorola Milestone 2 on the same day of the post. But like the lyrics of the famous song "What a difference a day made, twenty four little hours"... Google acquired Motorola Mobility and the world is not the same anymore. Anyhow there are enough speculation about this issue on the web so lets just stick to the review.
Motorola Milestone 2
A Stone. Milestone.

So... hope all those eye-catching bugs will be eliminated in announced software update for Milestone 2... Cause now being in the state of Android 2.2 "Super - Motophone" with sliding keyboard (rare option these days, especially for Android) this device is heavier in usage than even his physical "brick" weight of 170 g (more than BigMac!!! ).
Motorola Milestone 2
There is a few very important points that many other smartphones really lack today. Especially build quality. Awesome! Feels like you have one solid "stone" in your hand, that doesn't creak, doesn't slip in hands and all tactile feelings are confident. I'm not really sure how to express the quality level of vibration point in the phone devices. But somehow ALL Motorola's vibro's are more pleasant... Vibro reaction of buttons and touches is shorter than on the other phones, and IMHO that's the way it should be. Not like you're fast typing on any touchscreen and the phone shakes constantly...
Motorola Milestone 2
5MP camera is not bad, but it's still not 8MP or HD-recording like on many smartphones.
Sound quality remind me of Motorola's partnership with Yamaha, when they released ROKR and RAZR and some other phones, equipped with Yamaha sound processor. That meant that the music played on this phone had to be (and it was!) of amazing quality. But this was only a memories.
Motorola Milestone 2
What forced Motorola to use Android 2.2 on a device that has far not loser's hardware? 
Hello, it's 2011 today!!! we want Gingerbread!!! (Shhh... some Google buddies must already be taking care of that :-) Anyway... Google had what Motorola hadn't, Motorola had what Google now owns. Should this mean that in a couple of years Motorola would be suing Apple for any design copyright of Google? It should be so, cause joint work of good software and good hardware should equal to best product.. we'll see).
Motorola Milestone 2 Package
By the way,  Motorola Xoom tablet has more than efficient Android 3.1 onboard (while others have 3.0). Has to be a bomb! Wait for the full review in the next posts.

P.S. I want to thank Timur Lander, avid technology fun and the co-author of this post.


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