Motorola Xoom

Yes I know I haven't posted in my blog for some time, I'm working on some new ventures almost 24/7, I promise to update you with some more details ASAP.
Now for the post, some of you asked for the Motorola Xoom review, so here we go:
Motorola Xoom Box
"Xooming" is pretty comfortable experience using an Android tablet. Despite being a little heavy and a power button located on the back side so that one of your finger could reach it easily while holding in hands as usual, this stylish tablet left a good impression.
Motorola Xoom Inside the Box
Hardware works pretty well with stock Android 3.1 browser responses fast, multitasking works good, battery lasts long. Using touch keyboard is easy enough to compare with usual keyboard. Screen brightness and contrast is high enough to see the text and pictures precisely in any light conditions.
Motorola Xoom Back Side
Two stereo speakers are loud and sound good, but the fact that they are located on the back side so that they are not facing your ears makes it difficult to hear some details.
Android Market
Android Market is usual as on Android phones, except it lacks some applications that are available on phones. MicroSD slot is paired with SIM card slot, which is convenient. For example, Galaxy tabs lack MicroSD slots at all.
YouTube on Motorola Xoom
These were good and neutral points of the review. Now, let's see the bad ones :-)
Mini HDMI, Micro USB, dock and charger ports are located at the lower end of the device.
Yes, you heard it right, Micro USB and charger ports are separate!! WTF?! If they think that USB port is not able to supply the power that tablet needs, they should know that carrying a separate charger is not better than connecting a Micro USB cable to a wall charger that has USB connectors (and is more widespread).
Android 3.1 on Motorola Xoom
Back 5MP camera is not bad, video is good either. But front camera on any phone is twice better than on Xoom. Battery lasted all day of really heavy usage. Some iPad users told me they charge it once a week. True? But there's always a light in the end of the tonnel - a newly released Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will be officially available for Xoom users. It features really innovative points and I hope battery will last longer with smarter power usage.
Reading Book on Motorola Xoom
Once again, I want to thank Timur Lander, Android expert and the co-author of this post.
BTW, My next post is ready to be published for some time, I can promise that it will be quite different from all the latest posts here, hope to do it over the weekend.