Ferrari & Kaspersky

What's the connection you ask? (Except the fact that they're both very famous last names ;-)

I'll explain, but first I have to take you about 10 years ago, when I was huge Ferrari fan. No, the truth is that I have to take you a few years before that, late 90s, when I still wasn't F1 fan. While my only 10 years old brother used to watch it regularly, and I asked him every time, "what's so interesting in watching 20 cars doing almost the same for more than 2 hours?" Until once he said, "Just sit, watch and you'll see!" Since then I was hooked up for the next few years.

Shame on me for abandoning this hobby for the last few years blaming lack of time and other excuses.. Anyway last week I saw a few photos on Facebook from the Moscow City Racing and wrote "I want to be there!!!" Lucky me and 2 days after that I was invited to special Ferrari & Kaspersky event in Israel.
Dancing Camael pub and brewing company
At the very unofficial event, that took place at the Dancing Camael pub and brewing company, Alexander Moiseev from Kaspersky, the man behind the partnership between Kaspersky and Ferrari explained that it's more than regular sponsorship, Ferrari F1 cars even use some special software by Kaspersky, apparently this guy is also race driver by himself. And I thought to myself, isn't that cool when you can combine your hobby and work, or to sponsor your childhood favorite team, Ferrari for example ;-)
Alexander Moiseev
After that, Ilan Froimovich from Power Communication - local Kaspersky distributor, explained that all the hype around the "Cloud computing" in the last few years is nice, but you still want local software to protect you, totally agree with that! What reminds me that it was very long time since my last laptop/cell phone/email local backup, and what about you?
Giveaways: Condoms, Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition and Official Ferrari Cap
They also presented the Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition and gave us a copy. So now after I have Ferrari Cap I think it's time to back to this hobby and maybe even buy some tickets for one of the next season races.
Ferrari F150 Simulators at the event
And finally, If you will have enough money/time/power what team/company will you sponsor and why?

Update 26/07/2011 13:00: 
This morning I twitted about this post, 5 minutes after that I've got email with the subject:
"Eugene Kaspersky (@e_kaspersky) is now following you on Twitter!" he also retweeted my post:
Really nice, this is how top companies and their CEOs should act these days.

Update 31/07/2011 12:30: 
Anonymous source sent me this print screen and wrote that Kaspersky Lab even used my blog for good internal case study:
Kaspersky Intranet/Newsletter
WOW! Thank you guys! I really appreciate it.


Forever Young

Dear Diary, (Oh that's sucks..)

Yesterday I met school days friend, haven't seen him for the last 10 years (and he doesn't have Facebook ;-) After solving some old conflict we had  (His ex told him some juicy stuff about me and her, probably to make him jealous and marry her faster, few people added some more details to the story and here you go... ;-)

Anyway after solving this conflict like real men should do it, we talked about the fact that we both haven't changed at all in the last 10 years, while he told that he feels 'bad" about it, I told that I feel great with that, I feel great feeling young!! Everything I achieved till now is because I feel young. And I don't mean childish, after all I make my own money since the age of 14, a few years after that I became completely independent and since than making hard decisions every day without any problem.

What I mean by being young is; live easy, accept new ideas, do experiments, take risks etc..

Well what I think we should do to be "Forever Young" (at least until we'll invite some elixir) is:

  • Sport - keeps your body and mind healthy and in-focus.
  • Accept new ideas, try new things, experiment with your life.
  • Take risks, with all what it takes.
  • Don't think that you know everything, always be ready to ask others and to learn something new.
  • Find wife/gf that is younger than you ;-) A tip that one of my partners gave me long time ago, if not try to talk and collaborate with people that are younger than you on daily/weekly basis.
Let me know if I missed something?



For the last few days after finally setting up my new blog, this time under my own site, I was thinking about  the reasons why I want to get back and write regularly with all the lack of time that I have;
  • Because I want to log my life?
  • I want to share my experiences with other people?
  • I want to get invites to cool events as Blogger?
So, yesterday while training at the Gym and checking Twitter between sets I found this Twit by Paulo Coelho.
I think it's good enough as a start motivation for blogging, especially that the last few years were very tough for me, let's see if I can make the most of it.

Let me know what is your motivation for writing?