For the last few days after finally setting up my new blog, this time under my own site, I was thinking about  the reasons why I want to get back and write regularly with all the lack of time that I have;
  • Because I want to log my life?
  • I want to share my experiences with other people?
  • I want to get invites to cool events as Blogger?
So, yesterday while training at the Gym and checking Twitter between sets I found this Twit by Paulo Coelho.
I think it's good enough as a start motivation for blogging, especially that the last few years were very tough for me, let's see if I can make the most of it.

Let me know what is your motivation for writing?


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Alexis Ogg said...

Motivation has been the only thing which everyone has needed all the time. Thus we are always having someone to motivate us for the purpose that we are having in our life.

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